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Perfect Sound Forever = an online music magazine, in 'business' since 1993
One of the oldest, longest running web-zines

 Since we can't cover everything we'd like to all by our lone-some, we'd like to invite online music fans to submit work for our magazine. Take a look through our contents to see what kind of material we use. We like to leave it up to the writers and instead give them a little guidance about what we're looking for. A couple of important focuses are:

Basically, we like to see writers cover something that they're really interested in and then they will write a better article because they love the subject so much. Even if your work isn't EXACTLY what we're looking for but pretty close to it, we'd be glad to work with you on it.

First, take a look at some reviews and off-line connections for Perfect Sound. We're pretty proud of the coverage that we've gotten online and offline. We work with a number of other magazines and publishers on different projects and we always keep our own writers in mind for different projects that come up all the time. A lot of good opportunities have come up for writers here and we're always glad to work with our staff on these things.

 If you have any good ideas about these things or you've written something already, you can E-MAIL us- please include as much detail as you can about your work.

For the articles that we use....

What's 'perfect sound forever'?

 It started with Sony/Phillips in the mid '80's to promote the advent of compact discs. They had to convince the public to give up all of their vinyl and go for this new technology. Supposed selling points included 1) the ultimate in sound quality and 2) the fact that these CD's wouldn't ever wear out (like vinyl records do). Hence, the marketing term for this was 'perfect sound forever.' As a Harper's article pointed out, the fact is that scratches do ruin CD's and these discs also fall victim to oxidation over time.

The phrase 'perfect sound forever' was later appropriated by Pavement as a title for their third EP- not surprisingly, a number of people thought PSF was a fanzine for them (though we did like them just fine).

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