Perfect Sound Forever


Interviews by Jason Gross
(December 2013)

After happening on somewhat of a whim, Graham Parker reunited with his original band The Rumour for a new album in late 2012, their first pairing in over thirty years. For those of us who grew up on an loved the R&B/soul flavored music of this amazing band, it was truly a holiday-time gift. When they came for a show in NYC in December 2012, I was lucky enough to get a near-front-row seat to see them do songs from their new album Three Chords Good as well as classics from their great 70's albums, (including about half of Squeezing Out Sparks). At the time of this show, they were also riding high from the buzz that was emanating from their participation in Judd Apatow's latest film This is Forty, which also came out that December.

At the show, along with the wonderful songs, I was also marveling at the two guitarists straddling Parker- Martin Belmont and Brinsley Schwarz. Both of them were veterans from the British pub rock movement via Ducks Deluxe and the band that bore Schwarz's name. As luck would have it, the Ducks had also reunited recently, featured both Rumour guitarists now. Figuring that each of them would have interesting stories to tell, I managed to track them down and interrogate them via phone while they were still touring- I spoke to Belmont that same December (a few weeks after the show) and Schwarz around April 2013 with some e-mail follow-up questions in the weeks afterward.

Belmont was nice enough to provide a brief update about his activities circa October 2013: "Re:GP&TR, obviously we are playing our 1st UK gigs since 1980 - in fact the 1st one is this evening in Leeds. Glasgow, Bristol and London following this week. Next week we will be on 'Later with Jools Holland' on BBC 2 (Tuesday and Friday). There are already plans for more UK shows next year along with European dates.

"As for Ducks Deluxe we are playing at The Half Moon Putney on Sunday December 22nd at 2.00 in the afternoon. This will be the LAST EVER DD gig. Time to call it a day. As for your question about the dynamic of DD, Sean is the main songwriter which puts him first among equals with myself 2nd!"


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