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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Ryan Pagan

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for including this "Trump music" article in Feb's issue. Christ knows that I needed to be reminded that I live in the shittiest, stupidest country in the fucking world. Honestly, I could have ignored Wade Oberlin's asinine ramblings and humble-bragging about being a veteran if he had only made a point, but his premise seemed to be "conservatives exist! sometimes they listen to music." Fantastic observation. Also, his insistence that he is not an "alt-right dude", while being gobsmacked by their childlike observations and hate-speech was definitely worth reading. I have been reading PSF since the late 90s, but I may have to stop if I see more of this garbage on the site. This stupid shit belongs on some loser's pathetic blog, not an online music magazine. Also, Joe Carducci fucking sucks.

William Bamberger

I'm looking thru the new PSF and wanted to note that I very much enjoyed Gary Gomes' short piece about "alien instruments." As a fan of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and Don Cherry, Roland Kirk, Sun Ra and others he mentioned I both heard and saw many non-standard instruments played--- Don Van Vliet/Capt. Beefheart played Chinese gongs on his last tour, and when he sat on stage with a large funnel enveloping his head he was "playing" that, visually, I would say. (In my recordings of my own music I've used balafon, kalimba, an index card slipped between the strings of an acoustic guitar to imitate Don Cherry's dusso n'gouni, Indonesian bamboo shakers, etc.---a keeper of the flame?) It's likely there are bands doing this, but finding them in the ocean of independent music that now surrounds us is difficult.

One thing of interest (though I know this article was specifically about jazz-and-rock-universe music) is how many eccentric instruments continue to be employed in orchestral music----jaw harp, musical saw, etc. in the music of Mauricio Kagel and Christos Hatzis and others.

...Does Patti Smith having a throat-singer count, I wonder? Is Henry Kaiser still using them? I've lost track of Kaiser's work, I'm afraid.

Ben Wise
Subject: How NC got its punk attitude

WOW, that was fantastic. I grew up in Greensboro and was very much a part of the Triad punk scene in the 90ís, but never knew some of the history that preceded my time. There was the Tate St scene and Fuzzy Ducks (later Kilroyís) and the ever-disgusting (original) Somewhere Else Tavern that was a second home to me. The list of bands at the bottom really took me back to so many shows I attended and played myself. To that end, a few notable omissions from the bands list:

Sans Sobriety (GSO and on D-Tox records alongside Geezer Lake)
Toxic Popsickle (GSO)
30 Deep (GSO and my band)
Pest (High Point and also a band I fronted early on)
Blownapart Bastards (GSO)
Unfound Logic (Chapel Hill)
Amish Jihad (Chapel Hill)
The Scaries (Chapel Hill)
Silly (Boone)

Iím sure Iím forgetting some, but thatís how it works. A fantastic site you might want to check out - if you havenít already - is Punks On Paper and their flyer archives from the 80ís and 90ís.

Thanks again for writing this fantastic piece! Take care.

Tim Wilson
In response to Cyclorama: the 20 year rule

I found your article titled Cyclorama: the 20 year rule very intriguing. I have actually found very similar trends but through studying astrology. I don't study horoscopes. I study geometrical planetary patterns and relationships of the planets positions to earth. I could go into more detail if you would like, and was hoping to learn more about the trends in music from you since it appears you have done very thorough research. Together we could learn so much more about this topic. Thank you for your time in reading this and I hope to hear from you.

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