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Kevin Tole
Subject: Lopez Walker

Many thanks for the great article on Lopez Walker. I was beginning to think he was a figment of my ears

I stumbled across the Chantells 'Children of Jah' probably through something I heard on the internet Beefheart site 'Doc at the Radar Station' and after much searching managed to track down a copy. The Lopez Walker tracks as you say are stand outs. But the whole album is a belter for mid 70s reggae right up my street.

You've done a great service writing that short page.

Thanks a lot.

John Byrne Subject: Prag Vec

I was really heartened to see your interview with Sue Gogan online.

It reminded me of how guilty I feel for not getting the piece I wrote on the band out there. Yes, I've been in the same place. I just looked up a piece I cobbled together from online lore and phone conversations with herself. I realized that it was done all of seven years ago. I met her at a festival I was playing records at a couple of years later, pretty close to her Sligo, Ireland living-place. I wrote the piece I did for a friend who has a website dedicated to Irish music. He swears he's going to use the piece, still! I told him it's going elsewhere if it doesn't happen soon.....

I don't remember why I and Sue did phone interviews only. What I wrote would have been much more personal in her own words, as your piece is. Funnily, right around the time I finished writing the piece, the first feature copy on the band in decades was published. A 'lost album' article in Q magazine......

I found a 'No Cowboys' badge in a copy of the record a couple of years ago. I never wear button badges, but I thought that Sue might show at the Microdisney reformation gig in Dublin last weekend, so I stuck the badge on the lapel. I don't think she did show, but I found a 'House Of Stuff' CDR in a Dublin charity shop instead! The CDR has a heat-press 'label' on it and all. I thought that this was just an informal set of recordings circulated between band members. Sue did live in Dublin again, quite a lot of years ago I know, but this was a wild coincidence finding this thing. Someone had gone to a fair amount of trouble to mock up this d.i.y. CDR. Sue did say that she might do such a thing. I guess the music is in the same tangle it was in when I first spoke to her, sadly........

Anyhow, kudos for getting it out there.

Subject: Detroit Tubeworks Article

If you care about these things, the Johnny Winter Tubeworks is believed to be as follows:

The Johnny Winter Detroit Tubeworks was broadcast on Sunday December 13, 1970 at 9:00 pm on WXON-TV channel 62, and simulcast on WABX-FM, 99.5. I believe this was recorded Sunday night (Monday morning) December 6 (7), 1970 following the Ann Arbor Blues Festival benefit held at the University of Michigan Events Building, The benefit was held to help the Ann Arbor Blues Festival pay it's bills as the 1970 Blues Festival reportedly lost money. Scheduled to perform besides Johnny Winter were Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Otis Rush, Luther Allison and Dave Alexander. It appears to have been rebroadcast on Sunday February 14, 1971.

I hope this helps

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