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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Dom Cooper
Stomu Yamashta

Greetings from Australia. I read your article about Stomu Yamashta with great interest. He's a fascinating musician who has traversed so many stylings over his long career.

I took more than a glancing interest in his music once I heard his 'Sea & Sky' album. From there I back-tracked and obtained his Go output (I was a Schulze fan anyway) and then I was really taken with his 'Iroha' series as well as 'Tempest' and his 'Kukai' albums. I've been lucky enough to locate all 3 of his more recent trilogy 'Solar Dream' CDs as well as the 'Listen To The Future Vol.1' SACD & CD versions.

I'm currently trying to find a distributor/seller for his 'A Desire Of Beaty & Wonder Stone Part 1'. Do you know of anyone that sells this title?. All searches have drawn a complete blank. There isn't even an email address to direct any inquiries to regarding buying his (more recent) music.

I was particularly interested to find out about the soundtrack he did to the film 'Budo - The Art Of Killing'. I saw a preview on youtube and have since ordered the DVD. Do you know if there ever was a complete soundtrack that was finally released? The music is excellent and it would be a shame to have this music lost in such an obscure film from the late 70s. Would you happen to have a recording of the 7" from this film or know of anyone that has it?

I noticed that CDBaby has recently issued a 'new' recording titled 'In - Zen Music Vol.1' (EP) as a download only. It appears this was originally recorded in 2011 and I suspect issued as a CD. Do you know about this or any other recent activities/recordings that he has been up to?

Many thanks in advance for any information you may possibly provide on any of the above questions/comments.

ED NOTE: Sad to say, we couldn't get an answer back from the original author of the piece about these questions. Anyone else out there have answers?

Jeff Downing
Subject: Sabbath article

I really liked your online magazine for years- it was one of the only places I could find informed articles on krautrock, punk, jazz etc…..that connected with me. I didn’t know you had gone as recently as 2012 – I suck! I should have kept up.

Anyway Marc Tucker's article on Sabbath’s Never Say Die is probably the first one I ever read that I agree with entirely.

What got discarded as a sad offering was actually a fantastic album, and a one-of-a-kind- something really special.


I’ll dig around for more archived articles….

These days the Internet reflects in no way the promise of the late 90s /early 2000’s……very sad.

Maybe you should resurrect Perfect Sound!

ED NOTE: We did! The new issue's out now!

James Dorsey


Love how thorough the Yarbirds/Led Zeppelin (article) is. Am researching a retro look st the history of R&R, and this material is priceless.

If i use any of it, will be sure to credit you accordingly. Ha ha...

Great job!

By the way, who is Will Shade?

ED NOTE: One of the members of the Memphis Jug Band. The writer was named after him or vice versa. We can't remember which...

Lee Riley
Subject: The Japanese Club Scene

I'm writing about the article "The Japanese Club Scene" by Wade Oberlin at this page:

I'd like very much to ask him more about the scene near Fussa as I am an American former serviceman with a band on the rise who may move to Fussa in the next half year. We also have about to release one album and several more to follow. We would like to get to know the Japanese musicians and have fun interacting with them, teaching them about the American 60s and such and helping their scene coalesce into something more cogent and where similar acts raise money and pool it together from fans who they meet, say, at the Chicken Shack and such...there are literally so many activities that we believe we can interact together with them and promote Japanese Underground Music together in the pay to play clubs as an integrated attack force...pooling our efforts like hippies to help love conquer all. Peace.

For a very brief sample of our sound--

ED NOTE: We did put him in touch with the writer and we wish him good luck!

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