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Kevin Tole
Subject: Lopez Walker

Many thanks for the great article on Lopez Walker. I was beginning to think he was a figment of my ears

I stumbled across the Chantells 'Children of Jah' probably through something I heard on the internet Beefheart site 'Doc at the Radar Station' and after much searching managed to track down a copy. The Lopez Walker tracks as you say are stand outs. But the whole album is a belter for mid 70s reggae right up my street.

You've done a great service writing that short page.

Thanks a lot.


Not to be a nag, but either the transcription from this (very fine!) interview has type-o's or Ms. Collins mispoke a couple of times - but I sort of doubt it in a couple of cases. I'm pointing these out in the hopes you will correct the online page. :

JK: I also wondered about the formation of the Etchingham Steam Band.

SC:This is Martin Carthy's idea. It was during the '70's. I can't remember the sequence of it all. He'd left Fairport and becoming enamored with English music and disenchanted with electric music. Because it was going more towards the Celtic; the Irish tunes were taking over. So it was Marty's idea that we should form an acoustic band. It was wonderful. Our first gig was by candlelight. It gave him the chance to buy the earthwood bass, a huge bass and he loved it. It was a gorgeous instrument. We were living in Sussex and we wanted to keep it sort of local, because all of those bands were so unmanageable. It was even sort of complicated getting Dolly and me and the flute organ together quite often.

- - Please note the name should be Ashley Hutchings, not Carthy. Martin was never in Fairport!

He was the guitarist on the 2nd and 3rd Steeleye Span albums. Hutchings was the bass player in Fairport and left due to the well-documented statements about Celtic (actually, he said "Irish") elements creeping into the band's music, and formed Steeleye Span with Tim Hart & Maddy Prior and the Gay and Terry Woods couple. He left for other reasons, but Ms. Collins didn't go into those. Martin Carthy was never part of the ESB, either. If you look at the notes to the booklet of that album, you'll see the statement about the bass Ashley bought. I don't know if the tape has Collins saying Carthy - but she was making a blunder if she did, sorry.

Re: Bad Songs of the 70's

It doesn't make the song any less bad, but the lyrics actually are "precious and few are the moments WE TWO can share". Nothing "sweet" in it.

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