Perfect Sound Forever


By Lucie Oday
(June 2009)

Texas has countless singers, songwriters and musicians. And in the midst of this great state, there is one voice that stands above all others. A voice so pure that it is like silk flowing across the air, gently reaching inside your head, and leaving a mark forever on you. But not just a voice, but also one of the most talented musicians around, and yet one of the worlds unsung heroes. You won't hear this incredible voice on mainstream radio. But with the new "internet radio" stations playing songs by many independent artists, Bobby Flores is a name that you are likely hear if you listen to traditional country or western swing.

When you meet this soft spoken young man, you feel his strong sense of determination and confidence, yet he is humble. Bobby is friendly and close to his fans, who follow him all over the state.

Flores started singing as duo with his mother when he was a young child. He also started playing violin, and studied at Trinity University under Domenic Saltarelli. He went on to study Jazz and classical guitar. He would open for many major artists such as Marty Robbins in the dance halls in Texas. When he was 13, he started his own band, and would perform at fairs and festivals around the area. Bobby has an appreciation of many styles of music, and studied classical violin. But his first love was the traditional style country and western ballads. And then with a deep heartfelt voice, Flores delivered the songs like no other before him.

When he was still a young boy, Flores started working with one of the greatest country music artists that ever lived- Ray Price. And he still performs with Price several times a year, as he has a "standing invitation" to perform with him whenever he is in the area.

When he was 19, Flores went to work with honky-tonk legend Johnny Busch, where he played fiddle. He has also worked with several other country music celebrities. But Flores wanted to be more than a sideman. With a great love of music, he became a multi talented musician and learned to play and master several instruments including everything from acoustic to classical guitar, steel guitar and numerous string instruments. In the '80's he became the vocalist for a top touring act in the South- Gone City. Throughout the years, Bobby performed with many major artists and was on several television and radio programs including TNN. In 2003 Bobby received a Grammy Award for his string and brass arrangement and violin performances on Freddy Fenders CD, La Musica De Baldemar Huerta.

Getting the support from the local independent radio stations has never been a problem, as Flores' popularity throughout Texas has grown through the years, and fans will travel several hours to hear him perform.

But although the world outside Texas had seen and heard the music of this extremely talented young man, the incredible voice behind the music was not as well known. That is until XM radio and the internet started bringing Texas music to the rest of the world. Now, Flores is one of the most sought after recording artists in Texas, both on stage and in the studio. He was inducted into the Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame in 2007. In 2002, he started recording his own records and stared an independent label, "Yellow Rose Records". He was named the Independent Label of the year in 2007 by the Academy of Western Artists. His recording studio has produced many other artists from all over the States.

Flores now performs with his own band, which includes 3 fiddles, all over the state of Texas. His popularity on XM Radio and numerous other radio stations all over the world will likely bring the musical talent and incredible voice of this Texas Traditional artist to fans that love the music, and maybe bring this beautiful music to the next generation of music enthusiasts.

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