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Captain Beefheart
A Tribute

Most innovative, revolutionary artists don't intend to set the world on its ear. They just have good ideas that they follow. They problem is that this kind of work usually gets a lot of scorn because no one has done it before and it's more than a little precarious to cast your lot in with someone who's trail-blazing. After all, a lot of these people turn out to be cranks and charlatans. Don Van Vliet is neither.
And so... in the spirit of our Fall tribute, we at Perfect Sound Forever present a tribute to the dear Captain, in lieu of the multi-CD boxed set of unreleased material from John Fahey's Revenant label, with reviews of each and every one of Don Van Vliet's official releases. Special thanks to Scott, Richard and Graham (of the Radar Station) who made this all happen as well as all the authors of these pieces for their hard work.
(Originally from February 1999, updated 2010)

On December 17, 2010, Don Van Vliet passed away. Even though he had been retired for almost 30 years, the music world is still much poorer from his loss.

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