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Bob Carol
Subject: Are you some kinda fuckwit??
As a professional vocalist I think that your choices suck. You have absolutely all the good taste of a child mollestor. I bet you wonder around in golfing trousers and have never had a girlfriend. Anyway, how old were you when the 70's were around? Too busy making love to your cousins to listen to and appreciate good music.

Gord S.
Ive read enough,  Not that theres anything wrong with it but seriously you guys are gay right? Women must love being around you assholes. So your a bunch of Tommy Hillfinger, mousse wearing, pierced nipple, wrap around shades, goatee, Gen x, no one understands me, wow its a kegger party, Im so heavy frat boys. Where do you hide your Duran Duran cds behind Depeche Mode? Nothing worse than a bunch of sycophantic Kurt is God, kiddie Led Zepplin, Hendrix suck up fans. I cant stand spoon fed, mall wimps who try to  impress everyone with thier vast knowledge of music. Get Marilyns rubber tittie out of your mouths, and stick to what you know best: circle jerks and playing skinflute.

Rachel Haygood
Your cynicism and negativity saddens me. I am a child of the 70's born in 1971, and while my reasons for loving almost every song you hated are deeply personal and not for sharing with the likes of you, just know that I resent your negative energy. If the world had more sweetness and gentleness like the lyrics found in a lot of the songs you hated (Love is in the Air, Silly Love Songs, How much I feel...ANYTHING by John Denver{God rest his soul}....and so forth), this world would be a nicer place. And I am proud to say I own virtually every one of those songs you trashed on some form of CD or another. AND FURTHER, I am a proud listener of lite rock radio stations. Do you steal kids' Christmas presents out from under the tree too?

Bob Lallier
Much of the seventies music was lacking in artistic merit, but much of it is nevertheless, very entertaining as well.  Depth is not the only criterion for good art, and even if it were, the seventies music is not without subtlety.  On the other hand, the nihilistic, self-destructive, atonal, arrhythmic, irrational, angst-ridden wailing and moaning of spoiled, disaffected, high school dropouts with a fetish for puncturing themselves, is not the height of the musical art. Furthermore, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual posturing is no substitute for wisdom, a sense of aesthetics, or the ability to back your scatter-shot assertions with substantive commentary.  In addition, a fawning devotion to esoterica and an affected disdain for popular appeal do not, ipso facto, ratify a rabble of poseurs as some sort of cognocenti.  You're giving Gen X'ers and public education bad names.  Oh well, with the Internet I guess, it's easy to be a critic, you never have to put up or shut up.

I do dislike disco, but I think you guys have no authority on what is good and what is not. I have seen your favorites and I believe that you are not alternative, but actually pop. You are no better than the disco freaks of my time.

Michael J. Abracham
Oh, please!  Was there any song that you guys DID like???  Granted some of them were/are bad, but you went just a bit overboard, don't you think??

Amy L. Wojciehowski
I was named after "amie" by pure prairie league..what exactly is the problem with it? You seemed to have left out one of your clever responses about it...

Brian Ergenbright
sure some of the songs on there are pretty horrible.  but leave DR.HOOK off of your list.  your insulting the greatest band in the world.  you just don't understand the era they were in.  it was douring a bad war and they were just making happy music.  also they made some of the prettiest songs ever recorded.  i'd like to see you make a better song than "in love with a beutiful woman".  i'd like to see you make a song period.

You  didn't like the seventies, did you?

Jim Blasdell
It's refreshing to realize that in about fifty or so years, you'll be dead and gone and NOBOBY will even remember your name or that you even existed. This music, however, will still be around, played by the newcomers, heard by the kids, remembered by their parents, honored as clasics and kept in tact for generations yet to come. So you see fellows, your opinion really doesn't matter a twit. You are simply demonstrating your lack of tolarance to others preferances. Bye the way, seek counseling for those feelings of anger and that upset stomach you spoke of up front. The problem lies within you, not the music. PS... you're a democrat, aren't you???

Dave Baker
It is obvious that you don't receive enough attention in your lives. You have managed to list ALMOST every song from the seventies (and sixties). You are bonifide idiots.

Luiz Otavio Antunes
I'm so sorry about dropping by your site. It's CRAP, just like the music you say is crap. You've got an ugly site that's poor in content. How can you say anything about constructive criticism? If you had 1/10th of Jim Croce's or John Denver's wisdom and sweetness, I bet you all would be having more fun than you are now... What a pity...

Your old pal James Wade
Mother Fuckin' Cocksucking Faggot-Ass Bastards (and thats just the subject) I dont know who the fuck you think you are. What kind of fudge-packin' hanson loving freaks are you???.You are so damned lucky that you didnt say shit about Led Zepplin or I would have personally emasculated you. Oops, too late. Farewell you homosexual donkey fucking eunuch

Andy Kim gives you the creeps?  Rock Me Gently doesn't make you want to just JAM out?  Really?  Do you REALLY think he's bad?  Surely not! Hey...I was 11 (eleven) when that song came out (1974)....I used to tie my transitor radio on the handlebars of my neon yellow/green Huffy (with a banana seat) and ride home after swimming all day...the AM station must have been running "tapes" because it came on about half-way home and got me up that HUGE hill!!!!!  Reconsider please.

Tim Creque
Subject: You Dirty Bastard Kung Fu Fighting is one of the best songs ever written.  It's just a classic. This song gets everyone motivated, at least where I work.  Do you have anything against disco? Get teh pole your ass

Taylor Banks
are you high?

Ted Stewart
DAMN! You guys are nuts! I can understand some of the stuff listed as being shit, but COME ON! Styx? Chicago? Dan Fogelberg? I suggest you listen to that SHIT they're playing on the radio today and tell me THAT stuff 20 years ago was shit. This crap now is nothing but NOISE...Damn....I was surprised that you admitted it wasn't all bad, but man!!!!!!!!!!

Don't kid yourself, this music is more alive now then it was then. YOu are making a mockery of this era, and quite frankly your page should just be deleted.

Tracy L Beeseck
Subject: No Way!
You are right about some but boy, are you ever in left field about most of them.  Sorry, but your opinion is not that of most people, and in case you didn't know, THE MAJORITY WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David C. Wright
I suppose if you feel compelled to piss all over the music of the seventies, you must do that.  Personally, I don't much care for any of the music of the '50s, but that's just because I didn't grow up in that generation.  If your main gig is alternative/new wave/punk/indie/jazz then that's your own cross to bear. However, just because I don't like some of your particular brand of music does not necessarily mean that your music is shit, any more than the fact that you don't like my brand of music means that my music is shit.

However, I'm not prepared to devote an entire web-page to showing other people just how narrow-minded I can be.  I don't like virtually all country music, but I don't make a point of pissing on it. There are people who *do* like it, and that is their choice.  It is not a good choice or a bad choice.  It's just a choice.  Anytime anybody will stand forth and emplace themselves as an arbiter of just what constitutes 'good' music, my personal and almost instinctive reaction is to assume that the self-appointed judge is a drooling cretin.  In my time, my parents and their generation condemned my generation's music. If you feel the need to make the mistakes my parents made, then feel free, but consider this: If my parents had their way, the music you find so delightful would never have come to exist. 

Molly Van Guilder
One of the greatest moments of peace and tranquility in my life came to me on May 22, 1996.  As I donned my cap and gown and received my seemingly well-earned key to midlle-income, SUV-driving Country-French deocrating obscurity, I remeber thinking several things: 1)If I never, ever wanted to set foot in an institute of learning again, I didn't have to and no one would sigh about it and tell me I wasted my potential, and 2) I could now escape the self-righteous,sudo-intellectual"aren't I just too deep and pure for words"  smug dogma of guys like you who think that anything that  is popular or beloved, or at least, toe-tapped to by the masses is beneath your superior proclevities.  And now, you have a venue to air your pretentions to others who will be like you. 

Guys like you are on every college town corner more often than a Starbuck's is... These are good songs...because they served the TRUE purpose of music...they entertained...a LOT of people...they continue to entertain A LOT of people, therefore, withstanding another test, the test of time.  Don't guys like you ever stop to think when you're spouting off about existentialism and art for art's sake that the music you purport to be ideal isn't popular with the world as a whole for a reason, that reason being, namely, that it's just plain not good? GET A GRIP! 

Ryan Fitzgibbons
I am saddened to even know that this travesty of a web page exists. I cannot fathom the rationale behind trashing the likes of the Eagles, Eric Clapton, and other rock legends from the 70's. What did you like? Now, granted, some of them you have a right to trash, some of the campier ones (e.g., ABBA), but how can you put down the classics of Three Dog Night and Cat Stevens? I just don't understand, and I'm not sure many others agree with you. Your web page has made a mockery of music that defined an entire generation and a people.

how and why do you qualify to judge any musicians work? does somebody pay you for this crap? how many songs have you written? as far as i'm concerned useless is the word for your list because it's all a matter of opinion and yours is no more worthy than anyone elses!! please ley me know if someone payed you for this cause i could use some money and i can think of something just as trivial!! how about a honest poll to find out what real people think everyone is as qualified as you then!!

glenda dudley
First of all the '70s had the best "popular" music of any decade. The '90s are the worst, I guess, I don't much listen to it anymore. You named most of my favorite songs as what you think stinks. You think "Hotel California" is bad? Whatever! The Bee Gees bad, I don't think so. Chicago--great horns. Eric Clayton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight" not as good as some of the Cream stuff, but good none-the-less. I even like Abba--A LOT. Don't tell me--you like Rap.

Jim Cara
Your head is up your ass. You don't know shit about music.

Robert B. Kozak
You people have no taste for music. What do you like? How can insult the Eagles, The Bee Gees, and America. The Bee Gees are legends. This is bullshit.

'Vincent Van Gogh'
Is there really such a thing as Good or Bad Music? you guys sure have my ear for Music though.........

AJ Arend
OOPS! I like almost all of those you listed. Oh well, I guess SOMEONE has to. Or else Rhino would never sell any of their "Have a Nice Day-Songs of the Seventies" compilations. But, what can you expect? I'm one of those (as I was told recently) "Tree-huggin' Berkinstock-wearin' Macintosh Computer-lovin' Hippies!!"

Bruce 'Stubby' Roberts
You have got too much time on your hands . I just discovered your site and it is amusing, but not accurate, I checked the Bad Songs section and you had better check your dates on some of the pieces listed. They are from the sixties not the seventies. I know, you don't have to thank me. I'll bet you're the kind of guy who is into ambidextrous masturbation. I know you must have plenty of time to practice.

Rich Yampell
I won't even deign to comment on the quality of your pathetic list.

Robyn Cathey
Okay, I can understand the Vickie Lawrence, and the Captain and Tenille, but even those songs evoke some nostalgia sometimes. But the ROLLING STONES?!? The lean mean motherfuckers of music? Are you on glue? Crosby,Stills and Nash? Did your mother drop you as a baby? Listen, you knuckle dragging ape, I'm only twenty two years old, but I bet the farm that if you pulled a guitar out of your ass,you'd never hit upon anything remotely near the genius of Cat Stevens, you slime sucking, Clash listening asshole! I bet the only seventies music you listen to is "Love Her Madly" by the Doors, when you can't find any David Byrne on your yuppie fuck college radio sations.

Let me tell you...you guys have NO good taste in music whatsoever!! All the songs that you said were bad...are great! And definitely comparing it to the music of today, or shall I say the so-called music of today. The music today SUCKS!!! I bet ya anything...that is the kind that you listen to...and think is great mm? Am I correct? How old are you guys anyway...12?

Robert Watson
Are you deaf? Do you have no taste in music? The songs you must admire must be very strange and twisted. Obviously you haven't listened to the marvels of the seventies. A lot of the songs listed are the best ever written. I only stumbled upon your web site as it was the last of 59 web sites from my search. I could not have left you out (but i wish i did). ps. Do you not know how to design a well presented web site?

you are a sick, sick boy, you need help. Have you no morals? what music DO you like? bad form.

Chris Lagen aka Dr. Rotadius Smoot-Hymthe
I dare say, you must have lived the decade popularily known as "the seventies" or "the age of great sex and cocaine" in what we would normally call a "perpetual bad trip". Your choice of the "worst" songs of the "seventies" seems to leave no "popular" "song" unscathed. Have you no "shame"? When "iconoclasts" (I know the word is probably beyond your dimunatative vocabulary. Look it up in a "diccionary") destroy all that is worthy in a "culture", they introduce various "unclean" elements into that said "culture". You, my little vomit-smothered "friends", are the harbingers of evil. May you burn in a hell featuring a great, "pretty swirling shimmering" disco "ball" playing those tunes you hate oh so much.

David Hallman
oooooooooooh! you make me sooooooooo angry!!!!!!!! Is your life so empty and meaningless that you have nothing better to do with your time than write this tripe? Well I have much better things to do than sit here and read it and then sit here and type a response. Really. Uh, Wow look at the time I gotta go cause Im so busy with much more important things.

That Thing
Subject: I'm gonna be as polite as possible
I will admit that I was pissed because of many of the songs you put down. I understand that you may not like some of the music (and I'm not assuming that you hate the 70's [do you, BTW?]), but you put down a lot of really good songs; some that pretty much helped define the 70's. I respect your opinion and all, but I really have to bite my tongue to do it.

Your list adheres to absolutely no rhyme or reason and represents a sad example of a pathetic cry for attention. My assessment: You have a major case of penis envy.

Janice Lomas
im sorry to inform you your fucked up all the music listed is good music
if you have a problem with this responce FUCK OFF

Heidi Niswonger

John Paquay
Obviously, Billy Bob is still immensely enjoying Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, and whatever else backward, self-important, closed-minded shit-kickers listen to. Your hysterical list of criteria for your selections doesn't make much sense, either ("made me sick without even listening to it"). Unless you live in a cave, you've heard every one of these songs ad nauseum. Now, if you want to call your list "Songs That I'm Damned Near Sick To Death Of," I can sympathize with you, and I could throw this message in the trash and forget about your blathering waste of bandwidth.

Danny Rubin
SUBJECT: Cum Swallower
You seem to be an idiot. how old are you? are you a musician? who do you like? write back

Chris Krajewski
Well Billy Bob, I guess since you only go to redneck bars and drink distilled hairspray you would'nt know what good music is. If you had brain one in that skull of yours you would see that these people even though you don't like them, have made millions of dollars and are not living in the squaller you and your cousin/wife live in. I would like to here more about why you think these songs turn your stomach when you drink grain alcohol like water.

Thomas O'Connor
Why don't you go back and listen to your Honky-Tonk shit ,(instead of slamming classic artists like Elton John,the Carpenters,Chicago, Queen,Billy Joel,ABBA,etc.)and live in the trailor park like the ignorant hick you are?

Forrest Olney
I do not appreciate the slam on such quality musicians as James Taylor, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, and the lord almighty Billy Joel. I suggest you sell a couple million albums yourself before spreading your venemous propaganda around the internet. By the way thatnk your mother for last night.

Subject: Stupid Yank Twats!!
What fucking planet do you come from. Without a boubt you must have the worst taste in music ever if you think that these songs are bad. How dare you presume to call these classic tunes crap! What the fuck were you on when you were compilling this list? Whatever it was I hope it has caused you serious anatomical damage, you phillistine motherfucker. Eat shit and die fuckhead!

Gene Besch
Opinions are like A--H____ and you are obviously one. You knock some of the best songs in the world. You remind me of the man who claims he is an atheist and spends the whole day reading the Bible to find our why.

I don't want to offend you by suggesting that you must have been smoking crack when you made this list, but when I read this list I came to the inescapable conclusion that you most assuredly HAVE been smoking something.

Dino Bryant
What in hades are you talking about. You cannot be serious. I otta smack yo mamma for spitting out of her crotch!! At least eighty percent of the songs I saw on your list were some of the greatest songs I've ever heard. I am beyond belief that you would have the audacity to put something like this online.

Phillip Smallwood
Subject: you are an idiot
why don't you just name every song from the 70's, dumb-ass

Ron Anguiano
Your music is what the sweathog-heifers of Colorado listen to before a romantic night of swilling Coors and rutting on a dirty mattress with some urban cowboy with dirty black feet. I'm sure your choices were made in from a Billboard book. You took your longish black-painted Goth fingernails and flipped pages and pointed arbitrarily to certain songs. Does a Flock of Seagulls Rule? Excellent site , but bite me anyway.

"Why Am I Mr. Pink?"
stuck in the middle with you kicks ass, asshead. go fuck yourself

John Forster
FUCK YOU, BILLY BOB!!! If the Eagles, Queen,Kiss, and Eric Clapton sucks, I'm wondering what music you listen to. Let me see...gangsta rap...noWeezer...no the Spice Girls...Oh! I get it!...The Backstreet Boys!!! You are a fag but afraid to admit it because some real 70's rock fans will come and beat the shit out of you!!! Go to hell,cocksucker

Jeff Berger
When were you born, buttwipe? Every music has it's time and this was quality stuff back then. Don't run them down because they don't appeal to YOU! I'm taking this list with me to buy every song. This stuff is great!

John Casey
You People defenetly have proven that it takes absolutly no brains to work with the internet. I would love to see what kind of worthless metal crap you people think is good music since you defently have no taste what so ever...

Skip Davis
I don't know what you were thinking when you wrote this list, but I must say that it is pretty pathetic. Some of the best songs of the 70's are on this list, and also some of my all time favorites. Do you have no ear for good music, or do you just have a potato for a brain. You need to find some really bad songs to put on this list, after you get some sense in your head.

M. Raper
Although there are some tunes here that I also do not like, there are a great many which, at the time, rang true, expressed the feeling of our culture and mind-frame of main stream America (else, why would they have sold so many), and WERE fun. Unless you were in your late teens thru mid thirties, I doubt you could understand many of the sentiments of that period. Just like the sixties, it is hard for young people to identify with all the period encompassed, not just the music, but the whole picture of life during that time. If you don't like a certain period of music, just don't go there. But don't put down things you don't understand. Unless this whole experiment was for reaction. Have a nice after-life.

Mikael Ekstrand or Sandra Jensen
I must protest. Anyone who puts any song by Dr Hook on a list over the worst song of the 70`s have absolutely no ear for music what so ever. Have a nice life.

It seems that after I read a bad review by a movie critic, I go to the movie and actually find it very entertaining. I've looked through your list of bad songs and can't figure out what it would take to please you. Most of the titles seem to come from my high school years and bring back really great memories. While respecting your right to your opinion, I humbly submit that you have: 1) no taste, 2) no heart, or 3) all of the above.

Charles Peach
I guess its all a matter of taste, isn't it? Almost every song I hate is loved by someone, or it wouldn't be out there on the radio. When I read the lists of YOUR favorite music, however, it made sense

Hopefully your intention is to provide some humor, since rarely does one person's opinion or tastes fundamentally influence another person's.

I've been looking for some of those songs for a while and I had forgot who had sang them. I'm planning on using this as a music wish list for a while. Nothing personal, just one of us has some pretty fucked up musical taste, (NOT I).

Cynthia Casamina
For not liking these songs, you sure did spend a lot of time and effort.

since the nineties there has been absolutely no good music out.all the stations play are freaks who can't sing, hold notes, or play instuments. disco was the best ever. look at people as ugly and talent- less as madonna, whitney houston, mariah carey.....not only are they ugly as sin, they suck. all the "alternative music is done by freaks who can't play instuments or sing so they use gimmicks to get attention.

F. Stacey Sparkman
I guess I can quit my job as a music critic now! You are obviously the "authority to be reckoned with!" There are a few funny tunes in your listing, but, Chicago? Beach Boys? Come on!! Next thing you know, I'll find my music on your shit list, & then I'd would just roll over & pee on the floor!!

Neal Abrams
Dear Bozo's, All though I don't agree with your list, I do like alot of the songs there, you succeeded in getting a rise out of alot of people. I know it's B.S. you are more than likley a closet 70's fan yourself.

??? (at Southern Illinois University)
So, where there any songs you did like? I will agree with you on some of those, but there were a whole lot I liked and were very popular in the 70's. I grew up with a lot of that music. I have one question-just how old are you anyway?

Dale Bradshaw
The fact that you can remember people like Cliff Holmes...etc Proves you are really a 'Disco Dan' you probably still own polyester bell bottom slacks and large lapel Disco shirts. I take major exception to many of the songs you have listed and frankly I think you are all fucked up. I don't want to start a war with you just stating my opinion, I happen to like Closer to home by Grand Funk. What have you accomplished in your life that makes you an authority on 70's music????

Martin Cox
Some people are born pompous assholes
Some people have pompous assholishness thrust upon them
Which group do you belong to?

Mary Goodpasture
yeah i have somethin' to ADD! Listen here asshole i don't know where u get off sayin' songs the "December 1963" and "American Pie" suck! But all i know is that u suck and this site sucks i'll b SURE to tell my friends not to come 2 ur sucky preppy site!!!
(ED NOTE: this was sent high proirity and formatted in a red font)

Sgt. Oliver Hernandez
I don't think any of those songs are bad, although I must question your taste in music. Are you deranged or what?

John H. Noel
Up yours

Kevin Edwards
You are a freak who is just trying to be cool. I have news for you buddy, YOU SUCK!

Harry Sudhakar Anchan aka Jim Rockford P.I.
Try http://www.furious.com/perfect/clueless-crap.html This site is proof that anyone nowadays with some hard drive space can install one spewing TRASH! Most of these gems are among the best of the 70's.

Jason Zimmerman
You must not have much of a life, to be able to find the time to type up such a long list of such obscure songs, some of which are actually very good. I wonder if you have listened to all of them...

Ah, clueless one, your e-mail address is obviously a misnomer. It appears that you wouldn't know good music if it slapped you upside your empty skull. Not that I disagree with ALL of your selections, but most of the tunes on your list are at least tolerable. A good bit of them are pretty good. So just go take your medication while I get a hard copy of the list so I can have the pleasure of flushing it down the toilet.

It would be real sad, wouldn't it, if there hadn't been a seventies for you to make fun of. There's always bad music in every decade, but people always find something better to do with their time than freak out and dwell on it for 20 years. The other sick thing is that you listed all the songs from the '70s that you think are bad, which is your opinion (but Harrison and McCartney? There wouldn't have BEEN any rock music if it hadn't been for them, and the Guess Who, Foreigner and Hall & Oates actually SANG

Michael McVey/Kevin Wilkins
You have no idea what you are talking about!!!! I have enjoyed the Osmonds since 1972 and I have never seen, heard, nor met another performer with more class and talent!! I doubt there is another like the Osmonds.

Heather Schubert
I grew up with the 70's music and I had some of the best times of my life with the 70's music, especially disco! In fact, if disco sucks, why is it making such a big comeback? New groups are doing their own renditions of the old disco music! The junk that's out today really sucks big time - nothing but noisy, mindless crap - just like the people it caters to! Disco lives!

Anthony and mike
Uhhh...these songs are pretty good, loser. Take down wonderful tonight by eric clapton...now!!

Dr. Bob
It is not surprising that there are some people with no musical taste at all. However, you are not one of them. You have muscical taste, but it is all BAD. I am trying to keep this message from being obscene, so that is as tough as I can get.

You have no idea what good music is. There are some songs on your list that I happen to like. How can you critizize "give me love" from Geoge Harrison and "cats in the cradle" from Harry Chapin. I have a few more suggestions of songs I like that you will hate. "God Only Knows" Beach Boys "He aint heavy, hes my brother" Hollies. You say "wild world", but not "peace train", thats a sign of a split personality. Your on target for some songs that suck like "dream weaver" All time worst, "I believe you", Monkees

David Horn
I would like to ask you what your musical credentials are. I mean, if you are able to determine which songs are bad and which are good, you must have studied music theory with the best of them. So please, I would like to know where you got your undergraduate degree in music, where you got your masters in music theory and composition, and where you got your Phd in music from. Surely a person who would criticize a certain art would have to be an artist themselves. No one would be stupid enough to start attcking something they have no knowledge of! WOULD THEY?!!!!!!!!

Monte Irvin aka j. morrison-lizard king
dude, i'm afraid you dropped too many tabs of micro-dot. you are a few cans short of a six pack.

I just read your list and I have a quesation. Are you stoned or just stupid?

Hey, you're not one of those Marilyn Manson freaks, are you?

Thomas Brauner
As long as you point out that it is just your personal opinion it's all right with me to publish this list. In one case I really have to confirm your opinion: "Bridge over troubled water" by Simon & Garfunkel (really cruel).

Nicole or Sean
SUBJECT: Your list, duh
Try again, buddy. How about some REASONS on why these songs torment you so much. You should have included lyrics, ANYTHING for your visitors to get a hold on, so that each and every one of us could be as ENLIGHTENED as you seem to be.

David Wasserstrom
Let's face it: today's music sucks. There's almost no creativity, no break from formula, no soul in it, no nothing. How 'bout the 80s? Forget it. Thomas Dolby and Duran Duran ain't my idea of good tuneage. The 60s? It had its moments, but most were limited to the latter half of the decade. 50s? BZZZZZ. I reckon that leaves us with one of three musical options: 1.) Mozart - early 20th century; 2.) Early 20th century to Elvis; 3.) The 70s

Charles Kurilla
Some of the music you slam really DOES blow dead forest animals, and deserves to be on your list. However, you guys seem to have decided to slog any song by anyone that has any trace of setimentality; is this a quality that automatically makes something suck?

Gary Kelly
The very concept of any kind of universally accepted good or right taste is one of the greatest evils there is.

Silbert Family
you have anything by KISS on your worst 70's list?? KISS and Sex Pistols are practically the only GOOD 70's bands!! truly strange..

Mark Rice
Yes, you may call it sick, and you may call it twisted, but manys the nights as a nine year old when I sat in a dark room, feverishly turning the dial of my parents' old AM radio, feverishly awaiting the moment when I could at last hear "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NITE!!!!" chanted over and over. Or even better: "10-4 good buddy, looks like we got us a convoy...." You call it cheese, I call it nirvana.... Perhaps it was this music that somehow caused me to go to law school....

If Shannon is such a bad song why? Where are the lyrics? Send them to me, please.

Are we supposed to take seriously a list by Hillbilly Billy Bob HarPus? Who the f*** died and made you guys music experts? Pus-lipped prick-lickers such as you, who bust veins on you foreheads by beating your heads against the wall to Led Zeppelin noise, should really save your breath. Do you smell and look bad, too? Most likely! Because your list is irrelevant and inconsequential! So, you say email at odds with your slimy, sh***y, heinous tastes are "unprofessional"?! You are a fine one to talk. Thank goodness, a**holes such as you are SO much in the minority - obviously, most of the songs on your list were liked by enough people on this planet to make them popular. Who the f*** are you to argue with them? And, just because swine such as you say these songs are "bad" does it make them bad? HELL NO! Sheesh, any neanderthal can get a hold of a keyboard, nowadays, and create a web page, no matter how asinine the content might be. I would not pee on your likes and defile myself because you are SOOOO idiotic bastards. Maybe, enough of us should badmouth the dog shit music you creeps listen to. F*** off and die, imbecile worms.

You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life
See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen
(ED NOTE: the letter was actually the lyrics to the whole song)

Subject: 'I Was Made For Dancin'
I guess you don't want to know that our company is releasing this track for the very first time on CD as the centerpriece of "The Leif Garrett Collection".

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