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PSF's 2008 Writers' Poll
Our favorite things

Left to right: Byrne/Eno, Billy Prince Bonnie, Be Your Own Pet, Howling Hex, Why?

Better much later than never, it's our annual round-up of PSF writers' favorite music of the year. Forget those wimpy top 10 list- we give our scribes double the slots to fill so that they can name their 20 favorites. As always, no tallied poll to tell you which records are supposedly the best of the best- instead, we hope you like seeing the individual selections. Maybe you'll find some stuff you agree or disagree with or discover a new favorite. Enjoy!

Michael Baker

Tim Broun

Dan Coffey

Robin Cook

Ken Cox

Kieran Curran


Michael Freerix

JP Gelinas

Gary Gomes

Jason Gross

Full lenghty list at Ye Wei blog

Richard Haslop

Billy Hell

JC Lockwood

Domenic Maltempi

Richard Mason

Neila Mezynski

James Nadal

Marc Philips

Danny R. Phillips

Tim Shannon

Al Spicer

Hank Shteamer

Jeffrey Thiessen

Pat Thomas

Gregg Wager

Dan Weiss

Kurt Wildermuth

Old friends:

Left to right: Juliana Hatfield, Nick Cave, Nick Lowe, Liquid Liquid, Ikue Mori

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