Perfect Sound Forever

Perfect Sound Forever
2005 flashback

best music of the year- staff picks

Dave Andrae

Michael Baker

A great year for boxes and re-issues: what’s new? I’d buy Poole and Gals first though. On the down side lots of immortals, wankers, and oddjobs eating dirt: Gordon Spaeth, Jimmy Smith, Tyrone Davis, Obie Benson, The Duchess, Hasil Adkins, Willie Hutch, Long John Baldry, R L Burnside, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Little Milton, Eugene Record, Link Wray, Martin Denny, Bobby Short, Luther Vandross, Domenic Troiano, Spencer Dryden, Jim Capaldi, Lynn Collins, Johnnie Johnson, John Fred, Jimmy Martin, Ibrahim Ferrer, Vassar Clement, Bob Moog, Chris Whitney

Mairead Case

Kandia Crazy-Horse

Andy Cummings

(The best of Brazil in no particular order)

Mike Edwards

Oops, that's 11. Let's round it out to 12 and add She Wants Revenge-Debut, being released late January on CD, available now on Itunes. This is retro new wave nirvana. Very tacky and brilliant.

Jorge Fernandez

Mike Fournier

Wes Freeman

Jason Gross

Aaron Goldberg

Billy Hell

Joseph Larkin

Having witnessed firsthand my treasured hometown of New Orleans, LA get washed away in brackish floodwaters, I must confess that compiling this “Best of 2005” list seems almost shallow by comparison. And yet compile it I must—for the children, the sweet, innocent, delectable children. Feel free to think of a child’s tender nubile body as you scan through this hastily assembled list of CDs I enjoyed in 2005.

Andrew Lau

Nuno Monteiro

Barry Stoller

Writing the Terry Knight biography all of ’05, I’m not sure I heard anything new (except a few radio tunes that annoyed me) but in the course of my research, I really came to enjoy these. Also see

Mark Tucker

This is not a Best Of, but rather just a wistful flashback to a better time via newly released, re-released, of rescued-from-oblivion materials. Probably nothing here will move the core of your soul, change the course of history, or uplift civilization to any particular degree, but several of these, if not all, should bring a smile to the mien and stuff a hum or two into the back of the brain. I’ve been a good little anarchist over the last 365 and eschewn the K-Street balltrap, so my indulgence in the fierce engine of keepitallism was less than prolific and, frankly, it was refreshing.

Daniel Varela

Keith Wallace

Jonathan Ward

Kurt Wildermuth

Mike Wood

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