Perfect Sound Forever

Staff top 10 lists for 2001

(also see the full listing of Editor's picks for the year)


Jeff Arndt

Confounding, challenging, anticipated, rejuvenated, soulful, infectious, fluid, atmospheric, honest music. Suffice it to say that all of these releases were welcomed reminders of the power and beauty these artists have to offer. We need this stuff.

Alan Crandall

Jon Dale

Jeanne Fury

Aaron Goldberg

Jason Gross

Joss Hutton

I. Khider

John Kruth

Dave Lang

Gigs: Richard Thompson, January, Melbourne Concert Hall; "The Three Stooges" @ the Cherry Bar, May (that's Mike Watt, J. Mascis and friend doing only Stooges covers- unbelievably good). Meeting my hero Watt was an honour I'll shamelessly never forget. Also, a toast to the great mags: Mojo, Wire, Black to Comm and Ugly Things. The Year's bummers: car crash; car stolen; our recent federal election result; September the 11th; the deaths of Joey Ramone, John Fahey, Michael Karoli, Sean Greenway (Aussie garage r'n'r king) and George Harrison. R.I.P.

Michaelangelo Matos

Scott McGaughey

Derek Monypeny

I'm excited about the angular punk sound of several new local (SF Bay Area) bands, i.e. Erase Errata, Numbers, Pink & Brown. Very refreshing.

Daniel and Seth Nelson

Jeff Penczak

Marc Phillips

Tony Rettman

Thomas Schulte

Will Shade

Pat Thomas

Richie Unterberger

Kurt Wildermuth

Numbers 11, 12: The Walkabouts Ended Up a Stranger, Lucinda Williams Essence

Mark Williams

Shane Xmas

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