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Top 10 Lists for 2000

Jon Dale

Wes Freeman

Aaron Goldberg

Jason Gross

Good year!  In a bigger list, I would have also included Van Morrison/Linda Gail Lewis, Blackalicious, The Go-Betweens, SoleSides Greatest Bumps, Modest Mouse, Deltron 3030, Elf Power, Outkast, The Apples in Stereo, Mystical, Shelby Lynne, Beautiful South, Nelly, Wyclef Jean, Idlewild, Sonic Youth and Chumbawamba.  Also lots of good archival material out there: Raymond Scott, Harry Smith Anthology 4, KMD, Trinkont's Novelty Songs and Prayers From Hell.  Reissues/comps: Richard Pryor, Sonny Sharrock, Belle and Sebastian, Half Japanese, Gizmos, F/I, Xenakis, Sun Ra, Louis Armstrong and Biz Markie.

Eric Hage

Kurt Hernon

Jay Hinman

John Howard

Steven J Hyden

I hate top 10 lists. Most of the music I buy is older because I can't ever keep up. As soon as this is posted, I know I'll find 10 albums I love way more than these. Cds just cost too damn much for me to buy everything I want.

Steve Kulak

Dave Lang

Richard Mason

I can't think of my favourite top 10 recordings of 2000. I just can't. Doesn't mean I didn't like 10 records this year, doesn't mean I'm stuck in the past. Doesn't mean much. Only thing I can say for sure about the new music I heard in 2001 is that I heard FLICK OF THE SWITCH, the latest AC/DC CD, the other day, and enjoyed it immensely. That probably tells you all you need to know. The rest is a bit of a blur, frankly. What sort of a rock critic does that make me? What indeed?

ED NOTE: Despite Richard's crankiness, he was nice enough to give us his other top 10 lists (for the pre-pop era, for 1951 and for 2011).

Michaelangelo Matos

Scott McGaughey

Bill Meyer

Derek Monypeny

C. Burnett Newman

Jeff Penczak

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and slightly less stressful than determining a president, herewith (starting at #1) my favorite releases of 2000. Not a particularly memorable or rewarding year once I got past my Top 25 or so - the 20th century pretty much went out with about as much excitement as the Y2K bug

Marc Phillips

Tim Ryan

William Sacks

I walked away from the crit game 18 months ago and then relocated to a new city, so the stream of free product trickled down to nil late last year and I actually had to take risks with my own money again. My finding: the secret variety on the American scene persists despite the malaise of mass indifference. It would be easy to load down any short list with great reissues- this year's offerings of Miles Davis, Grateful Dead, Beefheart, The Band, Jimi Hendrix and Ornette Coleman were all brilliantly well done- but where's the challenge in it?

Tom Schulte

Will Shade

These ten albums are listed in order according to how frequently I listened to them. Five of them were brand spanking new while the other five were reissued in 2000. Sadly, Live Yardbirds! Featuring Jimmy Page is once again out of print. More on the convoluted history of that album by yours truly in this Yardbirds story.

Matt Silcock

Pat Thomas

I heard very little music from this year that excited me, but I heard tons of stuff from 30 years ago that moved me.

Richie Unterberger

Rene Vasicek

Mark Williams

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