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Staff picks for 1998

Kenric L. Ashe
Bonus: Fantomas- only an Internet demo so far, but great live show and "the next big thing." Top 10... heck, I barely have 10 records I bought this year that were actually published in 1998.  Also, I've been concentrating a lot on local bands, which accounts for the higher than normal percentage of Portland, Oregon bands in my list.

David Beardsley

Steve Cooper

Alan K. Crandall  

This is a weird year for me as there are a lot of interesting-sounding releases that I haven't picked up on yet. Honorable mention: Sonic's Rendevous Band, The Spanic Boys - (whatever the new one is called that they're selling on their web site ... I haven't heard it yet, but I love the Spanic Boys, so I'm just going to assume it's great). Hmm... must be a good year for live albums.

Jim Derogatis   top 20

Aaron Golberg

  10 bands/artists/publications that should break up or re-invent themselves (kill yr idols!)

  Prediction for 99 and beyond - Kick out the jams motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Gross

Runner's-Up: Garbage, Archers of Loaf, Lounge Lizards, Mekons, Ice, Soul Coughing, Gilberto Gil

William Ham

Dave Lang

Sorry about all this "reissue" crap, but godamnit, I don't think I even HEARD a "new release" this year, let alone bought one. I guess I'm just a hopeless geek living in the past.

Matthew Martens

Richard Mason

Michaelangelo Matos

Albums: Singles:

Scott McFarland

notable trend of the year - the continuing integration of the best elements of reggae and dub, primarily the spacious and flexible basslines, into American R&B and pop.  Lauren Hill's "Lost Ones" is a prime example of this synthesis and perhaps the best track of music recorded yet to date.

Marc Philips

Fabio Rojas
I don't listen to enough new releases to compile a good 'top ten' list, so here is a 'Top Six Releases of 1998' list.

Al Spicer

Thomas Schulte

Pat Thomas

Uncle Fester
ED NOTE: For Fester's full list with descriptions, see

Richie Unterberger

Ed Ward

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